New MST online!

Don’t miss, the Best Brains folks’ own new official website, which has new input from some of the original crew. (And yes, stalwart fan site Satellite News remains in action.) So far it’s largely an online store with limited archives from the show, but much more is promised, and there’s already the first in a series of new Crow, Servo and Gypsy cartoon shorts to get things started. A lake scene ostensibly on a newly found SOL holodeck, “Reel Livin'” is voiced by Paul Chaplin, James Moore and Jim Mallon. For Crow and Servo, Paul and James are an adjustment, but they’re good, and Mallon’s Gypsy is the same as always. It’s also heartening just to see the ‘bots in some form for new misadventures, with more expected weekly. Consider this the MST3K answer to Filmation’s ’70s show for another beloved series deep into reruns and adored by hungry-for-more fans: Star Trek: The Animated Series. It’s nowhere near as great as the original, but as ERB’s John Carter of Mars would say, “We still live!”


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