Was Cat Deeley’s ‘Dance’ stunt the real grill?

Sometimes I feel lonely. I feel I’m the only observor of show biz who really gets it and doesn’t buy the bull — who questions with eyes open, instead of slurping up each hype-heavy morsel with a goofy gulp. And such a time is now — now that bloggers have reacted to the stunt last night by So You Think You Can Dance hostess Cat Deeley.

Now, I love this show, and I love Cat as a hostess. She’s lively and fun and has a great British accent, by way of Birmingham (also home of Duran Duran). Like a den mother or doting big sister for the dancers in the cast, she’s always seemed a game gamine, ever ready to laugh and frolic while still keeping a smooth show-must-go-on professionalism, even with her fashion-victim frocks and absurdly overdone saloon-girl hair.

Well, on last night’s show, Cat was game, all right — more game than ever.

After Twitch performed his solo with a crunktastic fake gold “grill” popped into his mouth, Cat put her arm around him as he basked in applause and playfully donned his prop glasses. Then judge Nigel Lythgoe half-seriously nudged Cat to keep going by also wearing his “grill,” which was still in Twitch’s mouth.

Amazingly, Cat obliged, telling Twitch to fork it over and then, as the audience howled in disbelief, placing his spit-covered prop in her own mouth, where she wore it with the aplomb of a 17-year-old who’d been down with grills for most of his teen life. No biggie, just chillin’ and grillin’.

The crowd, of course, went wild — at least, they went wild over Cat’s pose with an absurd metal mouth. And now bloggers crow and go wild about what an audacious stunt it was, giving Cat major props for her zany (if icky) boldness.

But these bloggers fail to notice or mention a simple fact: Between the time Twitch took the grill from his mouth and Cat popped it in, the show’s editor cut to a different camera, and then back again. This is a misdirection trick as old as time when it comes to magic acts, and it clearly gave Cat a chance to don a different grill.

Keep in mind Dance’s Wednesday performance show is taped, not live, which allows all sorts of magic to occur of which you’re unaware. Like, how do the editors know to cue up the precise seconds of dance to which judges refer in their comments, only moments after the dance was performed? Because the show is on tape and they have time to do so, that’s how.

Similarly, a taped show would allow Cat to plan the stunt all along, have an alternate”grill” in her possession, and then, by the camera cutting, and perhaps by shaving off a few seconds, have a chance to slip that into her mouth while she or Twitch hid his grill, thus sparing herself the spit.

Now, I don’t know for a fact that this happened, but I know that’s how it easily could have happened, and I know that’s how I’d have handled it — no insult to Twitch, just basic sanitation concerns, ya know. Yet no one seems to have noticed the camera cut and the way out that it gave Cat. No one except me.

Hello? Is anyone watching with their brain switched on? Come on — it was just too fishy to swallow. I mean, why cut away from a “money” shot in progress? So show me a shot of Cat taking the grill straight from Twitch’s mouth and popping it in and I’ll believe you. Until then, this largely no-bull show may have fooled everyone else, but it hasn’t fooled me — lonely as that makes me feel.


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7 Responses to “Was Cat Deeley’s ‘Dance’ stunt the real grill?”

  1. Debbi Says:

    I did see the camera cut you are talking about. But I thought it was just that–a camera cut–probably going to happen at that moment anyway. I really want to believe that Cat switched the grill for a clean one. I would feel so much better about Cat. I am looking at her in a whole different light now. It was all I thought about when she was on screen tonight during the results show. Twenty-four hours later, the sight and thought of her putting that spitty grill in her mouth still sickens me. 😦

  2. Marians Says:

    Yay! Interesting…

  3. pocket Says:

    i was in the audience that day, and trust me, there was NO trickery… just pure cat deeley awesomeness.

  4. farsider Says:


    Or perhaps some-sleight-of hand by Cat and/or Twitch worked its magic on you from your vantage point 100 or more feet away.


  5. SafeTinspector Says:

    Even if they rinsed the grill in turpentine and shook brown sugar over it, I’d still say the thing was indicative of her uniqueness within her trade.

    Honestly, though, if it was a setup then Cat is a very good actress indeed, as her body language and facial communications leading from when Nigel pantomimed insertion on up to her command to “come on then, hand them over, spit and all” seemed very genuine. And I’m someone with an overly sensitive bullshit meter.

    Oh, and thanks for the link-up!

  6. farsider Says:

    Hey SafeTinspector:

    I don’t know what you mean by Cat’s “body language and facial communications seeming genuine” — genuinely what? — but she looked genuinely nonchalant and at ease to me, and not like she spontaneously decided to chomp into a spit-covered mouth thingie in a rather nasty way.

    Now, I’m not saying Cat isn’t a great hostess. She’s fun and fab and oh so smoothly professional, and I share your enthusiasm for her. But I still say this particular stunt looked suspiciously bogus, and I hope to some extent it was (she or Twitch wiped off the grill first?), for her sake if not my own peace of mind!

    Keep dancing.


  7. SafeTinspector Says:

    farsider, Stephanie Lysaght at the L.A. times who is in the studio every week also stated that the event happened…. orchestrated or not.

    Anyway, it probably doesn’t make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things.

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