‘Dinosaur King’ feeds our love of leapin’ lizards

What is it about dinosaurs that’s so engaging? Their sheer size? Their vivid monstrousness? Their extinction? Whatever the case, they’re back on DVD, this time from Shout Factory, which unleashes Dinosaur King: The Adventure Begins on DVD this week.

In keeping with the animated series’ setup, a dinosaur trading card is included with the DVD, whose storyline involves young adventurers acquiring the power to bring dinosaurs back to life via — you guessed it — magical cards. So you want good guys to have such cards, not bad guys.

As for dinosaurs: Good, or bad? I say neither. They simply are — and if that means they eat meat, well a hungry critter has gotta gobble down dinner sometime, right? That doesn’t make dinosaurs evil — it just means they’re peckish. And they have a right to live just as much as any creature — even if they are extinct.


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