‘Cult of Cartman’ DVD is for true believers

I confess: I am a member of the Cult of Cartman.

I know — he’s a monster. Yet I love him. And why? Because he’s strong, confident and honest about his utter self-absorption and wanton hedonism — not to mention his many prejudices.

Sure, he’s wrong, wrong, WRONG about so many things. But hey — he’s a fourth-grade kid! Give him time. Surely little Eric Cartman will grow up to be a touchy-feely tree-hugging do-gooder who  escorts little old ladies across the street. This is just a high-spirited phase he’s going through.

But what a phase — and what a collection it gets in The Cult of Cartman, a two-disc set new on DVD from Paramount. Housed in a box designed to look like a Bible, it includes 12 of the best Cartman episodes of South Park, along with a billfold-sized membership card and a decal. Cartman also appears in new footage to introduce the episodes, three of which (from the latest season) are new to DVD.

I’m not sure why no Cartman episodes from Seasons 1-4 are featured, especially since those include some of the best, starting with Season 1’s “Cartman Gets an Anal Probe.” But with so much masterful mayhem from which to choose, some great shows will be left out from any season, such as the utterly twisted “Fat Butt and Pancake Head” from Season 7.

At any rate, it’s good to see our hero — antihero? — get his due. And he’ll get even more tonight, I understand, with the new South Park episode “The China Problem.”

Problem? Our delightful little Cartman? Lighten up! How can you not like a tyke? And besides, it’s all just a phase he’s going through — you know, like reading comics or collecting trading cards. He’ll grow up one day, surely.

Or will he?



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