Melissa Rycroft’s ‘If I Were a Boy’ dance works wonders on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Finally, romance is back on Dancing With the Stars, and much of the credit goes to last night’s song choices. That starts with Beyonce’s If I Were a Boy, played over Melissa Rycroft and Tony’s borderline rumba.

Yes, Bruno, it could have been more carnal, but isn’t mere carnality rather banal and cliched by today’s jaded standards? How about some true grace, emotion and soulfulness, which this song and its lovely rendition displayed big-time? You don’t get that every day. You do get pelvic thrusts. Gimme the mush.

Indeed, not since week one’s Moon River has Melissa evoked such tender feelings, and this approach well suits her. She didn’t become America’s sweetheart for her heartbreak on The Bachelor to come on Dancing With the Stars and act like a randy pole dancer on uppers. Of course, what would Bruno know about romance, or how could he understand the lyrics to If I Were a Boy? The man is utterly clueless. But I get it, and I’ll take it.

So thanks, Melissa. And thanks to the person who wrote this awesome song, a rare melding of strong melody with strong lyrics. Together, dance and song worked wonders, and it’s nice to see such artistry and heart, not just ballroom showboating, on Dancing With the Stars.


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