Melissa Rycroft to face Gilles Marini — count on it

In case you had any doubts, Monday’s performance show should have sealed the deal:Former Bachelor star and former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Melissa Rycroft will face French actor/underwear model Gilles Marini in Dancing With the Stars’ final two — after they get past the “finals” nonsense with three contestants early in next week’s show. (“Finals,” by definition, should mean the final two.) Count on it.

I’ve been saying this all season — as maybe you have too — and now we’re about to be proven right.

If you doubt it, let me know. But I doubt that you do. Whoever goes tonight, and then whoever goes early next week, Shawn and Ty are toast — Texas toast, in his case. That’s life among the bouncing disco ball trophies.

Now, as to whom will win, I’d prefer Gilles — the better dancer — but I’m betting Melissa — the sentimental crowd favorite with the built-in fan base from a show which aired on this same network. But you never know in show biz.

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One Response to “Melissa Rycroft to face Gilles Marini — count on it”

  1. Terribly Texas Says:

    Farsider you are so right! It’s Melissa’s to lose and has been since episode one. ABC’s guilty conscience, I guess. The only way she loses is if she messes up the same song 3-way competition. Her fan base is well coordinated and dedicated to seeing her win. If she doesn’t make it into the final two it would be an absolute shock! Give credit where credit is due. She has worked hard and supplied all of the drama the network could ask for this season. Gilles is a good guy, GREAT dancer, might even have a larger Sex in the City fan base, but they aren’t as well coordinated. Will be a fun competition to watch! The real battle is between Tony and Cheryl – who can train their protege’ to dance best – the task-master Cheryl, or the close personal friend Tony?

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