DVD review: Moon Machines is timely, quirky

Keyed to this month’s 40th anniversary of mankind’s first lunar landing is Moon Machines, a documentary on the bold contraptions which took us there. It’s new from Image Entertainment.

They are: the Saturn V rocket booster; the Comman Module (I believe aka the Command Service Module); the Lunar Excursion Module, or LEM; the Lunar Rover used on future missions but not Apollo 11; the spacesuits; and the navigational computers.

Originally shown on The Science Channel, this material is striking in its freshness, considering that we’ve seen so many iconic images of Apollo too many times. For instance, there’s footage I’d never seen of President Kennedy touring NASA in Florida and meeting with its rocket scientists, after challenging them to put a man on the moon by decade’s end. But it is a bit uncomfortable seeing Kennedy riding around in a Lincoln convertible, as he would when he was shot in Dallas. No more convertibles for our presidents, please!

At any rate, Moon Machines takes an interesting departure in looking behind the scenes of our great technological triumph of the 1960s. Or was that creation of louder amps and electric guitars?


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