Paula Abdul ‘decides’ to leave ‘Idol’? Phooey

So Paula Abdul has “decided” to leave American Idol? Well, I’ve decided to expose sheer, unadulterated spin for what it is. I mean, gimme a break. She and her manager have been whining about not getting a fair offer for a new contract for weeks, so she clearly wanted to be on the show, her chief income and only ongoing claim to fame. (Infamy?) But now when it’s apparent that it’s not gonna happen, she informs her “fans” (who the heck are these people?) that she’s “decided” to leave. And Idol plays along, announcing they regret her decision, blah blah.

Is there any business in the world which is more phony than show business? I mean, it depends, on a daily basis, not just on hype, but on outright lies. And we hear these lies and either believe them or just shrug–when we should be saying “WTF are you talking about?” and calling them what they are–liars. Which is what I just did, re Paula and Idol.

Bottom line: She was a continual embarassment for the show, acting drugged out, spouting incoherent “critiques,” allegedly having an affair w/a contestant and even exposing the artifice of the judging process by once assessing a performance (Jason Castro’s) that hadn’t been done yet (except in rehearsal). So, with ratings in a slow decline, Idol‘s powers decided enough was enough. They gave Kara a tryout run last season, and though she wasn’t much better as a judge than Paula, she didn’t make a fool of herself.

So now Paula is gone and we’re back to a three-member judging panel. And it’s all because Paula “decided” to leave. Riiiiiiight.



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