DVD review: Simpsons Twelfth Season has ode to Comic Book Guy

I confess, I once was a comics-aholic. I loved superheroes and took them seriously. I even loved the minutiae. In short, I was a comic book geek.

But I grew out of it. In fact, I haven’t read a comic book in years. I grew tired of the same old adolescent power fantasies, even when they masqueraded as allegedly “adult” fantasies. Guys in tights don’t do it for me–not that they ever did, if you know what I mean.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up my comics. No, my choice issues remain safely protected in a safe deposit box. I didn’t grow weary of comics’ monetary value, just their narrative value. And I appreciate a good mylar bag and lock and key as much as the next nerd.

That’s perhaps why I can still relate to the icon of Fox’s The Simpsons: The Complete Twelfth Season DVD set, new this week. He’s Comic Book Guy, the unnamed overweight undersexed sarcastic to a fault overgrown fanboy who runs the Android’s Dungeon comics shop in Springfield.

Sure, he takes comics too seriously — but then again, it’s how he makes his living.

This 2000-2001 season has lots of CBG, from the cover’s box art to the imitation comic book inside, which lays out the season’s stories in comics style. There’s also a 10-minute montage of CBG’s exploits as an extra called Comic Book Guy: Best. Moments. Ever. Seeing them together across various seasons gives you a new appreciation of the blubbery fanboy’s stinging wit — and contempt for his raging hypocrisy.

Beyond that, CBG stars in his own episode in this set. It’s titled Worst Episode Ever, but that’s in reference to a bad Itchy & Scratchy cartoon that CBG hates, not this show, which is one of the better episodes. Indeed, it really lays out the quiet desperation of CBG’s life, which takes a turn when he starts dating, let’s just say, an older woman. And she’s no Demi Moore to his Ashton Kutcher.

Yes, things continue to be twisted in Springfield, which is just how we like it. And The Simpsons‘ full-season DVD sets continue to be bulging with bonus features, from commentary tracks and Easter eggs to deleted scenes and commercials.

Why, you’d almost think we were all Simpsons nerds who hoarded and cherished every last tidbit of our beloved show. But surely we’re not like Comic Book Guy, right? Or are we?


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