‘Glee’ pilot, preview, T-shirt for $5? I’ll buy that

NOTE TO GLEE FANS FINDING MY BLOG VIA THIS POSTING: I write regularly on Glee, including reviews of each week’s episodes. Here’s a link to my piece on Episode 8: Mash-up. ALSO, please check out my report on Mark Salling’s incredible new song, at this link.

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Bruce Westbrook (Farsider)

Here’s a bonus for Glee-heads anxiously awaiting the show’s fall season premiere next Wednesday on Fox: Wal-Mart, and Wal-Mart only, is offering a DVD of the expanded cut of the show’s pilot episode, along with a Glee T-shirt (by mail order) and a 14-minute preview of next week’s show.

If you’re not into Glee, you should be–provided you’re not a homophobic, anti-music hater of musical theater. Forget High School Musical–that’s trite and hollow kid stuff from the Disney factory. Glee is the real deal–a high school saga about motley misfits who turn a glee club (i.e., musical revue group) into a power on campus, whether the belligerent jocks, cheerleaders and power-mad rival teachers like it or not.

The show has a fine, fresh-faced cast, and the pilot ends with the best Don’t Stop Believin’ you’ll ever see and hear — and I don’t care how good Steve Perry’s pipes were in Journey.

Listen, I’ve interviewed hundreds of actors, and I can’t tell you how many ‘fessed up to me, in one way or another, that they really wished they were music stars. They realize that, as actors, they’re faking it. They’re just pretending to be someone else while they wave fake guns and react to nothingness before post-production CG. But music–that’s from the heart. To sing and perform as this cast does in Glee is so much closer to any true art than faking it as an actor, which is probably why folks from Russell Crowe to Dennis Quaid to Kevin Costner to Billy Bob Thornton to Joaquin Phoenix to — need I go on? — have tried music careers on the side while they kept their day jobs acting.

Of course, the cast of Glee are actors, too, but they’re actors who get to sing, dance and play musical instruments — who get to lose themselves in the spirit of a song, as they do with Don’t Stop Believin,’ a beautifully performed, shot and edited piece. And Lea Michele, of that cast, is a precious gift to musical theater–and this show.

Glee’s pilot repeats again at 8 Friday night on Fox, BTW. Or you can own it for just $5 from Wal-Mart. Enjoy!


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