‘Glee’ blog: ‘Glee’ pushes it with fun fall premiere

Glee, in part, is about living up — or down — to expectations. In that respect, in no way could its fall season premiere could live up to the classic-level quality of its pilot episode. That said, this week’s show was still pretty good — if not pretty great, compared to most TV.

The plot kind of inched along this time, but did bring Finn and Rachel’s first kiss and place Quinn and cohorts in the glee club as Sue’s moles. Will’s wife learns she has a false-alarm pregnancy — and will try to get a real one, real quick, while she lies like a rug. But at least she showed, in previews, some concern about this. (Hopefully between her and Sue the show will sidestep mere caricature and build some character arcs for the “bad guys.”) And Emma agrees to date Ken, But c’mon — that’s just a stalling tactic till Will wises up.

Musically, the episode popped out in several places — not as much as in the almost wall-to-wall musicality of the first show, but how good was Gold Digger? I’m no rap fan — in fact, I hate it normally — but I loved this. And the gleeful vulgarities of Push It were a comically outrageous hoot, along with the crowd’s wild reactions. But again, it’s Lea Michele who makes this show soar musically, as she did in an emotional and far better-than-the-original cover of Rihanna’s Take A Bow. Lea, you take a bow. You now own that song.

BTW, thanks to Ryan Murphy and company for giving us what American Idol almost never does. No, not just quality singers, but singers who respect and adhere to a melody. No mindless runs which prance all around the true melody and disregard its beauty. Glee’s singers hit the notes the way they were written — and they were written that way for good reasons. Thanks, Glee. It’s good to hear performances that respect the composers.

I’m also gratified and stoked by the amount of Glee’s music that’s  available for the picking on YouTube and elsewhere, where I’ve harvested an entire album’s worth of material so far. Also, for those of you who have picked up the Glee DVD at Wal-Mart, good move. It’s sure to go out of print, and it looks fantastic — not to mention the fact that you can claim a free mail-in Glee T-shirt by using a code provided inside.

This is bound to be the only Glee DVD we have for close to a year, provided the show is renewed (c’mon–it’s gottabe!) and its first season DVD arrives just before season two next September.

Speaking of which, Glee’s season one DVD set, when it arrives, would do well to include as an extra the creative promos Fox has produced for the show, for on-air and online consumption. Many have clips of the cast which are not in the series, and the edits are great. Check ’em out on YouTube or anywhere they’re posted.  They’re an entertainment in themselves.

Overall, gleeks should be gleeful right now. The show is here, and it surely will be here to stay beyond its 13 produced episodes. Glee’s season premiere Neilsen numbers were strong — stronger than So You Think You Can Dance, in fact, winning its time slot. In fact, SYTYCD should benefit more from Glee than Glee benefits from it as a lead-in.

Don’t stop believing.


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