Glee Episode 4 ‘Preggers’: Not pregnant with music

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I love Glee — still — but it also exasperates me. Last week it was confidence, a word bludgeoned nine times into the script. This week’s Glee overkill was pregnancy, from Episode 4’s title, Preggers, to yet another pregnancy subplot, involving Quinn, whose character will be as ruined by motherhood as was Roz’s on Frasier. Let’s hope it’s a false alarm.

But that said, this show did ably advance the plot for other characters, mostly Kurt, who got a dance showcase at the start, joined the football team, came out to his dad and won the big game. Not bad for one show’s work.

Just as Glee‘s Will preaches individual worth within an ensemble where no one should hog all the glory, the show itself rightly practices this, as with Kurt’s focus this week and Mercedes’ last week. But what Glee was missing in this show, and needs to get back to–pronto–is what draws me most to the series. It’s Glee’s reason for being. It’s Glee’s music.

After a pilot gorged with musical gems and two subsequent episodes with quite a lot, Episode 4 offered little. Best of all was Rachel’s brief solo for Taking Chances, in which Lea Michele kicked Celine Dion’s bony ass. And Tina was in strong voice for Maria, though she was ‘way off the proper tempo of her piano accompanist. (Perhaps that, like her shaky last note, was deliberate, to show she wasn’t ready to fill Rachel’s shoes.)

But Beyonce’s Single Ladies, as cute as it was and as well as it worked for the plot, was overused — and, well, it was Beyonce. I want to hear Glee’s cast sing. And we didn’t really get that much this time, though I’m stoked that Episode 5 may make up for it, via Somebody to Love and other songs, as well as Kristin Chenoweth’s arrival to join the club (however briefly).

Yes, Glee has a fantastic cast and a solid gold concept. But it needs to follow through more often, and more fully, with what truly makes it great and makes it stand out from every other show on TV. It needs to do what glee clubs are formed to do: sing out and perform music.

Gimme those show-stopping, rousing song and dance numbers like Don’t Stop Believin’, Rehab, Mercy, Gold Digger or Somebody to Love (now being previewed in part online) any ol’ day. And gimme less pregnancy talk, less almost uniformly unsympathetic female characters and less preaching (“confidence,” “guts”). It’s time to get back on track and deliver what Glee does best: beautifully produced, thrilling songs.

So let’s give it another try now. From the top!



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