A Glee DVD this year? Oh yes. Meet ‘Glee Season 1 Volume 1: The Road to Sectionals’

BIG news: Glee’s first season DVD, unlike those of many other shows, will not mean a wait of one year, till just before Season 2 starts. (And yes, Season 2 will come.  Anyone forget what Glee’s lead-in on Fox will be come January?) Instead, even though Glee has been picked up for a 22-show season, Fox is packaging its first 13 episodes, all to be shown by year’s end, as Glee Season 1 Volume 1: The Road to Sectionals, a four-disc set due Dec. 29.

Still unannounced is what extras the discs will get. But Fox says there will be extras, and why not? With such a rich trove of promos, previews, music videos, making-of bits and other things Glee (surely you surf YouTube etc. seeking Glee flotasm on the waves as often as I do), this could be major. (And how about a feature where you can play only the songs, either in telecast versions or when expanded, as with the fine music video of Maybe This Time, using different footage than the telecast’s? Just thinking.)

Anyway, here, again, is the important thing, the truly big news, even for those of us lucky enough to have the Wal-Mart Director’s Cut disc: No need to wait for a full-season DVD now that Glee is going for 22 shows. We’re getting 13 episodes in a couple of months. And before that is the soundtrack album, Nov. 3. Then there’ll be Glee Season 1 Volume 2 on DVD next year.

Until then  TV’s best show graces Wednesday nights. I tell ya, as far as entertainment goes, for Glee fans, life is good.


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