Accept ‘The Proposal’ for a fine DVD date

You’ve heard of “date movies,” of course. The all-time champeen was Titanic, in terms of sheer box office. Chicks love such movies and take boyfriends or husbands who, if they’re lucky, will love them too.

This week’s DVD releases bring Disney/Touchstone’s The Proposal, a recent theatrical hit that’s also a fine date flick, provided your date involves popping popcorn at home and snuggling up on the couch for a fun romantic comedy.

There’s not much mush, but there is ample frothy humor, as workaholic book publisher boss Sandra Bullock learns she’ll be deported back to her homeland of Canada — unlesssssssss . . .

That “unless” means convincing her overworked, underappreciated and forever put-upon assistant (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her so she can remain in America. Not that the marriage will be the real thing other than legally. They have nothing going personally when the ruse comes down. But before you know it they’re off to his home in Alaska (the irony being it seems as foreign to the USA as bordering Canada) for a gathering of his wealthy family, who are supposed to buy the lie. (The production never even shot in Alaska, BTW, but in scenic Rhode Island and Massachusetts.)

RR’s family is cut from the same cloth as too many movie clans who live in remote areas. They are uniformly eccentric, vivacious, pushy, eccentric, colorful, allegedly lovable and — did I mention eccentric? Betty White plays grandma — case closed. The family, in effect, plays the hackneyed and thankless “friend” role en masse, and they’re quite tiresome. This shouldn’t be about them. It’s about Bullock and Reynolds.

Though this is the former’s top-billed vehicle (she took the part when Julia Roberts wouldn’t take a “pay cut” from her mega millions), Reynolds steals the picture. He’s the most down to earth character on screen, and his self-effacing comic discomfiture is a hoot (as when the two “lovebirds” accidentally bump into each other — naked!). But Sandy, bless her, also is fun, and as usual she lights up a screen when she’s on it.

So there you have it: conventional yet comical, predictable yet charming, The Proposal is well worth accepting for a DVD date night with the squeeze of your choice. Just make sure it’s not Betty White. She’s just too eccentric.


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