Glee Episode 7 Throwdown: Quinn quits motherhood?

I’m not in the habit of predicting events in scripted TV shows, but here’s one guess for tonight’s Glee episode, Throwdown: Quinn will get an abortion.

The girl has no one supporting her. She’s kept her pregnancy largely a secret (until now, when news spreads), and those who know won’t help. Terri callously told her to bring the baby to life on her own, with no financial help from the child’s future stepmother (Terri); Finn, who thinks he’s the papa, and whom Quinn adores, is more attracted to Rachel; Puck, the true daddy, is not Quinn’s cup of tea and seems indifferent to her pregnancy; and Quinn is smart enough to know she’s costing herself dearly for this one indiscretion.

That’s why I’m guessing she gets an abortion, which she tearfully reveals to Finn (and, thus, everyone in glee), who then comforts her with an embrace and by saying everything will be all right, before the stirring, moving (and already previewed) Keep Holding On performance, in which Finn holds hands simultaneously with Quinn and Rachel.

If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. I’m not declaring this to be true, just offering a theory.

Meanwhile, there’s lots of good news about Glee, including the fact that its songs continue to sell extremely well as downloads (over 1 million and counting), and with an album due Nov. 3, the music’s commercial clout may even spark a spring concert tour by the cast. As for NBC axing their  Macy’s Thanksgiving parade appearance: what turkeys.

Keep holding on — this show is going to go the distance.


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