Glee Episode 7–Throwdown: Preggers all over again

So much for theories. Quinn’s still preggers — and looks like she’ll stay that way — as Glee inches forward through Maternity World. Instead of the abortion (or miscarriage) I secretly hoped for (hey — it’s a fictional show, no harm done), the big revelation of Episode 7: Throwdown turned out to be Sue’s learning — and revealing — to the Gleeks whom she briefly co-directed with an outraged Will (sparking the most anger in this show’s brief history to date) that Quinn — can you believe it? — is pregnant!

Well, of course the Gleeks believed it, because they already knew it, from Puck’s revelation in the previous show. And if one kid knew it, then the whole school would, and you just know that. So why the big drama and Quinn’s tears over Sue spilling beans which already have piled high enough to power a school cafeteria’s worth of breakfast burritos?

Besides, being secretive when it’s inevitable that people will find out you’re pregnant seems pretty pointless, doesn’t it? I mean, this was going to come out anyway, so why does its revelation in Throwdown play as if it’s so earth-shattering? Because the show needed a big dramatic scene, perhaps? Well, it got one, but it wasn’t so big.

In fact, why are we still talking pregnancy, fake or real, on a show that’s got so much more going for it other than baby talk? Moving on.

The music was far better than I’d expected — and I’m talking about the two relatively throw-away numbers compared to the soaring and emotional anthems No Air and Keep Holding On. Those two lesser numbers which turned out to be quite good — via lots of spirited dancing and exuberant singing — were the Supremes’ old You Keep Me Hangin’ On, which sounded as much on speed as last week’s mashups, and Mercedes’ lead for Hate On Me, though I dislike Amber Riley being typecast for sassy, finger-wagging revenge songs.

Directing this week, Ryan Murphy brought a special blend of teeth-gnashing angst and pulling-together zest for his lovable Gleeks, and I didn’t even notice till later that there was no Ken or Emma, even though they’d been central of late. Hey — it’s a big cast.

But Ryan, please. Wrap up the pregnancy subplots and the kids — and I — will  be happier.

Don’t get more wrong. Glee is still great. In fact, Glee is the best music show on television — perhaps ever. And I do love these characters and this superbly chosen cast. But literally and creatively, it’s time to let the show emerge from the womb and let its characters grow and breath. There’s just no air in there. Open things up.



2 Responses to “Glee Episode 7–Throwdown: Preggers all over again”

  1. T Says:

    I was hoping for an abortion, still am. But I find that unlikely on a primetime feel good drama. I don’t know why Terri doesn’t pretend to have a miscarriage, especially since she was going to tell Will the truth but then chickened out. Now she’s in kinda deep.

  2. jocelyn Says:

    I completely agree with your analysis of the pregnancy things. Really? Two crazy pregnancy stories filled with manipulating women? Teenage pregnancy and infertility are not funny things… so why use them in an otherwise fairly light comedy? I hope these issues get nixed soon too, by any means necessary.

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