Glee cast to sing National Anthem Saturday on Fox: A slam dunk

OK, it’s Tuesday, so Glee is coming — or not. That’s right: Our favorite show is taking time off this week, and the next, so no Glee Wednesday night. In fact, there’s no new episode until Nov. 11’s Wheels.

But for those about to get the shakes through withdrawal, take heart. It turns out you can see the Glee cast perform music on Fox this week after all. No, it won’t be songs akin to No Air or Bust a Move, but it will be an excellent song which lends itself to a choral rendition, and also to the kind of stirring flourishes which have helped make Glee so great.

That song is the National Anthem, coming just before the first pitch of Game 3 of the 2009 World Series in Philadelphia Saturday night.

The pre-game show starts at 6:30 p.m. CST. The game is scheduled to start at 6:57 p.m. CST.  Usually the anthem is performed just before the first pitch, so I’m thinking your best bet is to tune in at least by a quarter till the hour (6:45 p.m. CST) and wait for it, to ensure catching the Gleeks sing. Folks in other time zones, the math’s not that hard, and here in Central we do it all the time — pun intended.

After so many wretched performances of The Star Spangled Banner at so many sporting events over the years, just imagine how great this one is going to be. It’s going to set the bar so high that no Roseanne Barr ever will get a chance again. And it’ll be great exposure for Glee among those who still haven’t gotten hip to the show.

I’ve met so many — too many — of them, and they all sound alike. “Yes, I’ve heard Glee is great, but no, I haven’t watched it.” To which I say: “Well, now  you’re hearing Glee is great again — from me. So how long is it going to take you to wise up?” And for those haters who insist on raining on Glee’s parade, if you detest the show so much, then the intelligent thing to do is to disregard it, not rant obsessively about how much you hate it. Go your own merry (or cranky) way to watch whatever you want, and let us have our Glee in peace. And if that’s not an option for you, then perhaps folks like you, not those who make Glee, are the problem in this world.

Too, for those who bizarrely obsess over Glee’s songs being pre-recorded and then synched (uh, that’s the way they make movie musicals, ya know), keep in mind that this performance before the Phillies and Yankees play will be live and undoctored. That said, there’s nothing wrong with strong studio recordings, and that’s what Glee consistently delivers (though the mix for Keep Holding On sounds a bit shrill — my only quibble).

At any rate, take heart, fellow Gleeks, and tune in to Fox Saturday night for what promises to be a banner Star Spangled Banner. After all, in its eight episodes so far, Glee has shown it can make any anthem even more rousing and inspirational, from Somebody to Love to Keep Holding On.

The Star Spangled Banner? To mix sports metaphors, that’ll be a slam dunk.



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