Glee Episode 9 ‘Wheels’ blog–Keep on rolling

First, those who dumped on the big bad World Series for interrupting Glee, get a life. This show has a finite number of episodes in the can — 13 — and it can’t air every week. The World Series had little to do with it. It was time for a pause, and besides, Glee came back in a big way last night.

Did I say big? Make that huge. This was easily the best Glee episode ever, full of rich character development (especially’s Sue’s much-needed softer side), yielding precious moments for underused supporting characters (Britney, Tina, etc.), delivering fantastic music (Artie’s solitary reinvention of Billy Idol’s Dancing With Myself was a sweetly whimsical wonder, while the wheeled Proud Mary was yet another full-cast show-stopper) and adding so much heart to the humor (Kurt’s dad’s touching supportiveness, Sue’s hand-holding with her sister).

The wheelchair number was truly inspired, and though the episode got bogged down a bit in PC hand-wringing (from wheelchair ramps to stutters to Down Syndrome, etc.), all such points were worthy ones. And they make fully clear that, at its heart, Glee is a show not so much about gleeful self-expression but the special joy that comes from compassion and humanity, which this episode delivered, big-time. Does TV get any better than this?

I do think Quinn’s character needs to lighten up. She’s becoming the new Terry. She mercilessly rips poor Finn, badgering him to step up when she knows it’s not his baby in her belly and she has no right to do so. She also refuses Puck’s money by insisting like a martyr that she’ll handle it herself, when she’s in reality pressuring Finn to handle it HIMself. Dianna Agron is a lovely young woman, but Quinn is too ugly inside. She’s rude and bitchy and needs to find a middle ground. Enough.

I also hope and predict that Artie will forgive Tina for her stutter ruse and welcome the one girl who gives him a whirl. And if I were Tina, I’d ask Artie how “normal” it feels to be Caucasian and not Asian in Ohio, USA.

As for Will, he’s become this series’ Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. He’s Glee’s moral compass (his blackmailing of Finn aside). Sure, he makes mistakes and misses obvious things, but hey–he’s trying, and his heart’s in the right place. And thanks, Figgins, for always standing up to Sue and taking charge. You’re really not such a bad school principal for a bottom-line guy.

I could go on, but suffice it to say that I’m growing to truly love these characters. I also love the way Ryan Murphy is fleshing out both the main roles and tiny supporting ones, while trying to make everyone important. Glee club can’t be just about stars, and neither can this show.

Keep on rolling, Ryan. You’re consistently delivering the best TV series I have ever seen. Now, on to Sectionals!



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