Glee Episode 10 — Ballads: Schmaltz gets soul

Hi Gleeks! So sorry not to have freshened the blog last week, but I was out of town–out of the country, in fact–on vacation. But I’m back now, and let me just say, I loved Glee Episode 10: Ballads–not for the music, so much, but for the story and characters.

Also, let me point out for those who don’t know this: They changed the lyrics to Young Girl, so they wouldn’t suggest Will was reciprocating Rachel’s attraction in any way. The real lyrics for Gary Puckett and the Union Gap go: “Young girl, get out of my mind” NOT “Young girl, you’re out of your mind.” Will’s performance was ‘way over the top, but I guess he was just intensely trying to convey his wishes via the song and felt he had to hammer it home.

This was a GREAT Cory Monteith/Finn episode, showing what a generous, sensitive, decent guy Finn is. Too bad Quinn doesn’t acknowledge that more often, instead of berating him and making him feel stupid. I still think she and Puck will wind up together instead. Also loved the brief scenes with Finn’s mom, a warm woman who forgave and supported her son and took in the girl whose parents threw her out. No wonder Finn turned out so well.

And doesn’t Lea Michele play “young” well, not just in her attire but in her demeanor? She may be 23, but her driven yet lovable Rachel does comes across as an over-eager HS sophomore. Nice show for her too.

Also loved the way the lyrics told the story–which is usual, but was even more pointed in this show. Paul Anka’s Having My Baby is one of the all-time gag songs (as in, it makes you want to gag) and Endless Love is sheer Lionel Richie schmaltz, yet I loved hearing this cast sing them. What can I say? I’m a Gleek.

I’ll be back with more on Episode 11 soon. From the top!



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