From WGA to Golden Globes, Glee is aglow in award nominations

I don’t care how rigged, political or otherwise flawed Hollywood’s awards systems may be. When it’s for a series or film or performer I love, I’m there, I’m on  it and I’m proudly trumpeting, “Did you see so-and-so got a Golden Globe nomination?”

And that’s what I’m doing now–extolling the awards buzz that’s already begun for Glee, a show which apparently won’t have to wait in line for several seasons while paying its dues so that the same old programs get repeatedly rewarded. No, Glee is right up there — now.

Today’s Golden Globes nominations include four for Glee: Best Series, Musical or Comedy; Best Actor, Musical or Comedy, Matthew Morrison; Best Actress, Musical or Comedy, Lea Michele; and Best Supporting Actress, Series, Miniseries or Movie, Jane Lynch.

All are richly deserved, and Michele’s nod confirms what I’ve been saying all along: She’s not only an incredible singer but an incredible actress (and often the latter talent fuels the former).

The Globes aren’t all. The Writers Guild of America has nominated Glee as Best New Series and as Best Comedy Series.

Also, the American Film Institute named Glee one of the 10 Most Outstanding TV Programs of the Year, while the Satellite Awards voted by entertainment journalists gave loads of love to Glee, with nominations for top comedy series and for acting by Morrison, Michele, Lynch and Chris Colfer.

Emmy nominations for the full season aren’t due till next summer, but you can bet Glee will get more love then, too.

So don’t despair while waiting for Glee’s spring season–now LESS THAN four months away. Awards show glories are coming–as are promised sneak preview clips from Fox, which indicates it will release some original content during the break.

Production on Glee’s “back nine” episodes starts in early January. Satellite Awards winners will be announced Dec. 20. WGA winners will be revealed Feb. 20. Golden Globe awards will be presented Jan. 17 on NBC.

Surely NBC won’t cut away to a commercial when Glee wins, in line with its axing of the cast from appearing on NBC’s telecast of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. NBC, you’re stuck this time. Deal with it.

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