I’m chillin’ on Mark Salling’s Glee

For the 600 of you who have found my little Glee blog to read my  Nov. 5 entry on Mark Salling’s tribute song to Glee, thanks. Also, remember how I dubbed that song Chilling on Glee, since Mark only posted it on his website as “Glee Cast and Crew Homage”? Well, that name seems to have stuck.

Two people just uploaded the audio to YouTube with Glee-style art and graphics — and the title Chillin on Glee. Though the song was first posted on YouTube a month ago, without that title, those new clips are nice to hear — and see — and I appreciate that they removed the little gag at the end.

What a wonderful, wistful, downright sweet song. Its mix of joyous gratitude and gentle melancholy clearly comes from Mark’s heart, and it seems to fit Gleeks’ mood right now, after the wildly satisfying and triumphant fall finale last week, coupled with the looming four months before a new show.

Anyway, I’m glad these YouTube posters finally picked up on Mark’s wonderful song — and the title I gave it, which, granted, seems a natural fit, so anyone could have come up with it–but I was there first!

Anyway, enjoy the music there or on Mark’s site (though I’m not finding it there now). And if you missed my first blog on this fine song and what it means to Mark — and me —  you can catch that blog here.

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