Fox renews ‘Glee’ for Season Two — already!

With more “Whee!” than “Whew!” let’s savor Fox’s no-brainer decision of renewing Glee for a second season right now — four months ahead of most seasonal re-ups. After all, this show has major momentum, including awards which are just starting to add up. It’s got solid ratings (8 million-plus viewers) and an avid fan base (counting me among ’em). It’s got sensational buzz in the media and among critics. And it’s got a little ol’ show called American Idol as its lead-in when Glee returns after a too-long hiatus April 13.

Now creator Ryan Murphy and his staff have extra time to plot and plan ahead, and part of that involves a nationwide casting search for three new cast members for Glee: Season Two. (Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?)

Meanwhile, Glee is taking over the world beyond our borders with international runs currently underway, including one in Italy. And Glee products are starting to hit store shelves. Yes, the patches and keychains and bookmarks are shamelessly commercial, but such commercialism is a natural byproduct of any successful show-biz enterprise. It doesn’t mean Glee is selling out. It just means that, like Quinn and Finn at season’s start, Glee is popular.

Besides, the products that really count deserve their high profile — and their high sales. Both of Glee’s soundtrack CDs are in’s Top 10, and its Road to Sectionals DVD also is in the DVD Top 10.

Now, onward to Season Two — and beyond!


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