Glee spoiler tidbit: The Doors’ ‘Hello, I Love You’ for Episode 14?

When you must wait four months between episodes, you’ll take spoilers. At least that’s something. And for Glee, we’re hearing little bits and pieces about plots, casting and song choices.

But one thing we haven’t heard — at least from an official source — is this: 1960s rock band extraordinaire The Doors is contributing a song to Glee. At least, that’s what it seems from a fleeting (to use an old record store euphemism) “import” (translation: bootleg) clip from the spring season’s shooting set. It popped up ever so briefly on YouTube this week, then was taken down, and understandably so.

But you can’t copyright sheer information, and the info is this: In a scene set in the McKinley High School gym for a basketball game, with Puck and Finn in uniform and on the court, the playback music was for the 1968 Doors hit Hello, I Love You. This would be in keeping with the expected title of Episode 14, Hello.

The music didn’t sound like the Doors, but rather a cover of the song, though I could be wrong. What’s cool about this song, other than being incredibly catchy and sexually impudent, is that it was one of the most “pop” songs released by a band known for incredible extremes, via 10-plus minute opuses on drugs, death and general weirdness.

Perhaps no other ’60s band was so commercially popular and heavily played on radio while also being so “out there.” Hello, I Love You shows the commercial side. Now try listening to The End, When the Music’s Over and Been Down So Long for blues and psychedelic greatness.

Anyway, I look forward to possibly hearing a Glee spin on one of the most influential and lasting rock bands of their era. And to Glee’s producers: Hello, we love you, won’t you give us more from upcoming episodes? Perhaps by releasing a finished song track early? Just asking.


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