Madonna’s cone bra, stilts, groin attacks–is the world going ‘Glee’?

Finally, at last, thanks goodness, we have more than murky fan-shot phone video from the set to show us the spring back nine of Glee. Thanks to ET, or Entertainment Tonight, a one-minute report is showing lots o’ great Glee glimpses for spring, from Sue in a Madonna cone bra to her Cheerios performing a Madonna song in stilts (say what?) to Sue threatening to bury an axe in Will’s — ouch! — groin.

In short, Glee is coming back strong. Count on it. And at last we’re getting a taste of what’s to come.

If only the music clips revealed more, but all we see are soundless, fleeting looks at the Gleeks as well as what must be Vocal Adrenaline as they perform or prepare for regionals. (And no, ET, the Gleeks haven’t yet won regionals, as your faulty reporting indicated.)

But take heart. With this much being shown this far out, there are bound to be many more Glee scenes and songs arising online or via the tube as we near that April 13 return date. And did anyone forget that the Doors’ Hello, I Love You is in the works, too?

So stay strong, stay tuned, and stick with the best show on television. Once the uninitiated have caught up by viewing Glee on DVD, and once American Idol provides Glee’s lead-in, the little show that could (Matt Morrison’s words) is going to show again why it’s won so many awards — and hearts —  already.

From the top!


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