‘Glee’ Episodes 14, 15 spoilers: Madonna music should be like a prayer come true

Fellow Gleeks, here are Episode 14  and 15 spoilers and other things you may want to know, if you haven’t picked up on them yet:

The Power of Madonna EP that’s being sold April 20 — the date that all-Madonna Episode 15 airs — will have a bonus eighth track via iTunes. That extra track is Burning Up, which reportedly features Jonathan Groff, the Vocal Adrenaline showboater who joins the back nine episodes and vies with Finn for Rachel’s affections.

According to iTunes, other tracks to feature Groff (Lea Michele’s Spring Awakenings co-star) are Express Yourself, Like a Virgin and Like a Prayer. The last seems unlikely, though, since we clearly see New Directions performing with a yellow-robed chorus for the song, NOT Vocal Adrenaline. Then again, the marketers say on their iTunes email promo, “Pre-order you (sic) copy here,” so what do they know?

From interviews, we understand that Vogue will feature Sue (Jane Lynch) and guest star Olivia Newton-John.

With Borderline and Open Your Heart forming one track, that means nine Madonna songs will be represented on the album and, presumably, in the episode (though don’t forget that Don’t Make Me Over, a terrific song with a full-bore studio performance by Amber Riley, never appeared on Glee last fall except for fleeting instrumental cues).

Also, the April 13 return of Glee will start at 28 minutes past the hour, or 8:28 p.m. if you live in CST, as I do. No way they’d do a 32-minute episode of Glee, so apparently Fox is just going “long” that night, and Glee will run its usual hour, or perhaps 62 minutes, before local news take over.

Episode 14 songs will include the Beatles’ Hello Goodbye, the Doors’ Hello, I Love You, Lionel Richie’s Hello, Neil Diamond’s Hello Again, AC/DC’s Highway to Hell and All American Rejects’ Gives You Hell.

Also, don’t forget to catch the Glee cast on Oprah April 7.

Meanwhile, does anyone anywhere know of any new Glee songs being previewed in part or in their entirety — anywhere? The promo ads’ teases for Hello Goodbye and Like a Prayer are incredible, but that’s all they are: teases. We need some new Glee music, and we need it fast. In fact, we’ve needed it for almost four months. It’s time to unleash a song or two, Ryan Murphy. C’mon, have a heart!

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