Glee Volume 3 Showstoppers song list? On with the show!

Are you ready for more Glee music? You’ll get it May 18 with release of the show’s fourth CD/album/collection/whatever: Glee: The Music Volume 3 Showstoppers. (I’m also counting The Power of Madonna EP, out this week.)

This will be the big album release for the spring’s “back nine” episodes, with no Madonna tracks, since they’re on the separate album. Guest singers will include Jonathan Groff, Kristin Chenoweth, Neil Patrick Harris and Olivia Newton-John.

The song list? Rumors indicate here’s how it goes:

1. Hello Goodbye
2. Gives You Hell
3. Hello
4. A House Is Not A Home
5. One Less Bell To Answer / A House Is Not A Home
6. Beautiful
7. Home
8. Physical
9. Total Eclipse Of The Heart
10. Lady Is A Tramp
11. One
12. Rose’s Turn
13. Dream On
14. Safety Dance
15. I Dreamed A Dream
16. Loser
17. Give Up The Funk
18. Beth
19. Poker Face
20. Bad Romance

The first three songs already have aired, of course, but the rest includes some revelations.

For one, Glee is getting around to one of my favorite composers, Jim Steinman, with Total Eclipse of the Heart. For another, Idina Menzal is going to go crazy with Lady Gaga’s Poker Face— count it. I hear it’ll be a duet with Lea Michele’s Rachel.

But finally, the song for which I’m really stoked is the same woman’s I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables. Forget Susan Boyle, and remember that Lea Michele got her start on Broadway in Les Miz at age 8–and her Glee character, Rachel, just could be related to Idina’s Shelby Corcoran. We’ll see. But it sounds incredibly emotional and potent. Perhaps, in a way, they truly were “separated at birth.”

Also promising are Safety Dance (so gloriously ’80s!) and One, assuming it’s the Three Dog Night hit.

Keep in mind these are not formally set in stone just yet. Also keep in mind that the basic album will reportedly have 14 of these tracks, and a deluxe edition is likely to have six additional bonus tracks.

Lots to look forward to, fellow Gleeks. These songs won’t even be all the tunes coming up in spring episodes. But for now, things are lookin’ mighty good in Glee Land.

From the top!



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