Glee blog review Episode 17 ‘Bad Reputation’

This week’s Glee was an oddity. For one thing, why name an episode after a popular song — Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation — and then not use it? Oh, I get it: This episode was about songs WITH a bad reputation, because they’re bad songs, and Bad Reputation itself is not so bad a song. OK. Oh well. Moving along.

Overall, the story about gaining cachet via bad behavior resonated for today’s culture of trash “celebrities” with no claim to fame other than being disreputable. But it didn’t press very far beyond that central notion. And the characters could be confounding.

For one thing, why did Will virtually admit to Emma that he slept with April (“Where’d you hear that?”) yet never take four seconds to vehemently avow that he did not have sex with her? And why would Emma let herself be so easily manipulated by Sue? And why was Sue counseling Emma again? (To “give back”? Huh?) And to what end, except to screw with Will. (Well, at least that makes sense.)

I was also a bit dismayed to see Glee go right back to the well with another music video — make that TWO — so soon after its Vogue triumph. Granted, Rachel’s Run Joey Run was supposed to be overblown and ridiculous, but Physical also seemed that way, and it was supposed to be professionally polished. And how preposterous is it that Olivia Newton-John would team up with an interloper like Sue to remake her huge hit?

Rachel and Jesse breaking up was inevitable; Will and Emma breaking up should not be. But I liked Quinn’s token scene again (after last week’s winner in the nurse’s office with Mercedes), and it was good to have a Ken sighting. Molly Shannon? Loved her wicked zaniness. Now let’s see where she goes with it.

LOVED hearing a Jim Steinman song on Glee, and there was nothing bad about it which needed rehabilitating. Funny how Run Joey Run, from a different composer, fit so snugly into the teen morbid melodrama vein of Steinman’s own work, but Steinman is the best. Total Eclipse of the Heart was this episode’s show-stopper. Now let’s hear Glee do one of his songs for Meat Loaf.

Also enjoyed the ’80s rap numbers, which just go to show Glee can do almost anything (unlike American Idol, which BOMBED by indulging Simon Cowell with a Sinatra night, as if Ol’ Blue Eyes’ material has anything to do with being current, as the judges insistently rant).

Overall, this was a weird little episode which had no great segments, just lots of curious little bits that somehow became a messy whole. Time to get back to business and get on with the show, starting next week with Laryngitis. And lookie here, it’s got Jessie’s Girl from Rick Springfield (more ’80s fun), One by U2 (sure to be a heartfelt Glee classic) and — what’s this? Oh no. Sinatra again, for Lady is a Tramp. You can’t win ’em all.



2 Responses to “Glee blog review Episode 17 ‘Bad Reputation’”

  1. mstoneraw Says:

    I’m glad it’s not just Rachel who’s singing now though – that is a plus about this season..

  2. carz Says:

    rachel is my fave gleek

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