Fox renews ‘Glee’ for a THIRD season — already!

Gleeks who were devoted to Glee from day one were doubtless relieved last fall to hear Fox had picked up the show for a spring season of nine more episodes. Then they were no doubt thrilled to hear Glee had been renewed for a second season, even before the spring’s “back nine” had aired.

Well, it gets even better. Fox has just renewed Glee for a THIRD season, while the first is still airing. Talk about your votes of confidence.

Actually, it’s just good business sense. Glee is scoring so highly in the ratings and in  coveted demographics, and is selling so well with its music, and is taking over markets across the globe, and now even has a successful stage show — need we go on? — that it’s a no-brainer to pick up the show.

But doing it that far in advance is remarkable. Why so early? Here’s why, as found in the small print of an Entertainment Weekly item on the news:

Fox can syndicate the show more quickly and easily by demonstrating to stations that 70 or more episodes (three seasons’ worth) will be available, long before most 0f those are even produced. So extended its commitment to Glee now makes it easier to sell the show in syndication.

Don’t you love “the arts”? They don’t call it show business for nothing.

But at the same time, this gives Ryan Murphy and company a chance to plot ahead with complete confidence. I just hope they’ll also be quick to revise those plans whenever needed, because you never know where a story might take you.

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