‘Glee,’ with 19 Emmy nominations, rightly leads the TV series pack

OK, how many of us expected Glee to nab 19 Emmy nominations today? (What — not an even 20?)

Well, I’m raising my hand.

No, I didn’t expect or predict the number to be precisely 19. But I did expect it to be big, and for Glee to be rightly leading the TV pack with the most nominations of any ongoing TV series. And I did expect actors Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch to be nominated. Chris Colfer? I was hoping, but not necessarily expecting — though I’ll take it.

As for best comedy series, that’s the big one, and the one we should circle on our ballot as the key Glee vote of validation. Sure, I’d love to see a virtual Glee sweep when the trophies are presented Aug. 29 on NBC. But what good did it do Cabaret to win eight statuettes on Oscar night in 1973 when The Godfather, at night’s end, took home Best Picture? Similarly, Glee must win as best comedy series to seal the deal.

While it’s hard to find a complete list of 2010 Emmy nominations, we do also know that Glee received at least one nomination in many technical categories as well. Also, the pilot episode received an Emmy nomination for outstanding writing in a comedy series.

But perhaps my favorite in a wide field (Emmy, unlike Oscar, spreads the love in many directions) is the outstanding guest actor nomination for Mike O’Malley as Burt Hummel, the beautifully supportive grease-monkey dad of New Directions’ “honorary girl” singer, Kurt. In his few scenes, O’Malley is easily one of Glee’s strongest and most love-worthy characters — as well as funny when he needs to be. Burt’s generous heart is what Glee is all about — or should be.

So yes, I was gratified, but not terribly surprised. After Glee’s triumphs in Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild and other awards shows already this year, the Emmys were bound to fall in line. Besides, this vote, unlike those others, came after Glee’s superb back-nine spring season aired from April-June. Talk about sealing the deal.

So now, fellow Gleeks, get ready for not-so-immediate gratification. On Aug. 29, expect Glee to be crowned as TV’s finest — fittingly, since it is. We all know our favorite little show choir deserves it. Now let’s see them go out and get it.

From the top!


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