‘Glee’ fall premiere: Tuesday Sept. 21 at 7 CST

Mark your matching relationship calendars, fellow Gleeks: Glee’s fall season premiere will be Tuesday Sept. 21 on Fox, starting at 7 p.m. CST — and you East Coasters can figure your own time out. We’re always doing it.

Anyway, this means Glee will be without new shows for just over three months, instead of just over four months, which was the loooooong break between its fall and spring seasons this past year. And since Season 2 will have three more episodes for a total of 25, and it gets a later start than did Season 1, the break between its fall and spring seasons shouldn’t be as severe.

No, for a show already renewed for a THIRD season, I don’t think that kind of botched scheduling ever will happen again.

Now let’s hunker down and await the Aug. 29 Emmy show, where Glee has 19 nominations and should clean up. And what a boost that will be to build up to the second season premiere.

Remember when we used to take comfort that Glee would have a big spring lead-in via American Idol? Well, Glee can stand on its own. In fact, Glee itself is now a lead-in — to Fox’s Raising Hope and Running Wilde — not to mention the show-in-waiting to air just after the next Super Bowl.

In short, Glee rules — but we always knew that. The rest of the world is just catching up.


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One Response to “‘Glee’ fall premiere: Tuesday Sept. 21 at 7 CST”

  1. gleeseason Says:

    I actually feel a bit of anticipation for the new season. Wonder if this time they can juggle their characters better. Until then I’m satisfied rewatching the first season, and it’s still charming.

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