Review: ‘Date Night’ is a good DVD choice for — well, a date night

Chances are you and your honey often search for just the right movie to see on a home date. You know, where you pop some corn, get comfy on a couch, hit “play” and veg. Well, Date Night may be such a film for you, and it even speaks your language.

That’s because the film features two long-married folks who’ve settled into dutiful domestic doldrums — yet still love each other — and get an unlikely kick-start for their romance via a bizarre (and preposterously eventful) night out on the town. Instead of dinner, Steve Carell and Tina Fey’s New Jersey couple wind up facing criminals and life-threatening misadventures in the Big Apple — and cope nicely and comically.

It’s good to see a big-screen comedy with small-screen stars do so well; Date Night earned $98 million domestically. Of course, Carell is leaving The Office and now views himself as solely a big-screen star, and maybe he is. But for Fey, movie stardom is uncharted territory beyond her entrenchment on  TV’s SNL and 30 Rock.

Look for an amusingly self-effacing cameo by Mark Wahlberg, who essentially spoofs his own hard-bodied persona, and another by James Franco, who has some fun in deleted scenes, too.

A date night movie with Date Night? You could do far worse than this PG-13 romp. And don’t forget the romance I promised earlier. We don’t get much of that in movies today — not true love, which is to say enduring love — yet romantic constancy and its rewards are at the heart of this lively little comedy caper.


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