Glee blog review Episode 8 ‘Furt’: Priceless proposal

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Rachel looks out for Kurt despite Santana in Glee.

Glee marked its 30th episode Tuesday night, and it felt 30 times more eventful than the average TV hour.

Burt and Carol get married. Sue is visited by her long-lost, Nazi-hunting mom (Carol Burnett). Karofsky gets expelled, then re-admitted, after threatening Kurt. Kurt transfers to Dalton Academy. Finn declares himself and Kurt brothers. Sue steps down as principal after almost marrying herself. Sam and Quinn make a pact. And New Directions looks ahead to crucial Sectionals for next week’s show.

But with all the love and threats and change in the air, one thing remained constant: Glee’s commitment to tolerance, diversity and compassion. And not just in a preachily dramatic way, though this was one of Glee’s most dramatic episodes. But also in the verve, heart and exhilaration of its music, from the thrilling pop lift of Marry You to the passionate but buoyant balladry of Just the Way You Are.

I watch Glee in large part because such songs send my heart soaring, and this week’s Furt episode got that done just in time, just when I needed it, after the painful venom between Sue and her mother, and Karofsky and Kurt.

I hate the bullying plot, but I get it. It’s timely. It’s real. It needs to be told. I just want it resolved, so Glee can be less about victimization and more about realization — of self-worth and, dare we say, even happiness. Hey, it is, after all, called Glee.

And happy Furt was, despite its dire detours. Many of Glee’s songs have lifted us over 30 shows, but few so successfully as the back to back to back wedding intro of the ebullient Marry You, Will’s swingin’ Sway for the first wedding dance and Finn’s Just the Way You Are (a modern song, not the Billy Joel chestnut) as a touching toast to loyalty, love, family and sheer appreciation.

With all the plot points spinning, so was my head. Are things out of control on the Paramount lot? Then I remembered this is Glee, where anything can happen and often does — no matter how outrageous it may seem. And I realized that my quibbles (which I have) are just that — quibbles — and incidental when the big picture is so grand.

So after a bumpy Season Two start, I now say keep it up, Glee. Don’t change a thing, including your willingness to change. Because you know what’s truly outrageous and mind-spinning? How great these Glee shows can be week after week — just the way they are.



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