Glee Season 2: Volume 1 DVD: Extra, extra — but do you want it now?

I know: Fox did this last year, and some Gleeks howled. It issued the first 13 episodes of Glee’s Season 1 on DVD mid-season, before the spring “back nine” episodes had aired. Then it issued a full Season 1 set just before Season 2 aired. So if you bought both, you bought the first 13 episodes twice.

Now Fox seems to be doing it again by issuing Glee Season 2: Volume 1 on DVD Jan. 25. That title will feature the first 10 episodes of the current season (Fox is wisely spreading out the shows more this year, and there are three additional episodes overall to make 25, so no four-month hiatus causes Glee-us Interruptus). The new DVD also will feature some potentially tasty extras.

The only problem with this is with what happened last time, provided Fox does the same thing again.

For Season 1, when all episodes had aired and it was time to release them all on DVD, Fox offered two options: Those who’d already bought the Volume 1 episodes could buy a separate set featuring only the “back nine” episodes of Volume 2, thus completing the season. Or they could buy the full season set with a $10 “Glee-bate.”

But the problem with buying just Volume 2 of the first season was that it had no extras. You had to buy the full-season set to get those (including extras from the Volume 1 set, along with new ones for the full-season set). Plus, both Volumes 1 and 2 for Season 1 came only in DVD, with no Blu-ray.

But really, would you rather Fox not do this, and rather sit idly by without issuing any of Season 2’s Glee on DVD until the full season had aired — and even then, probably not until early September of 2011? (The full Season 1 set arrived Sept. 14, 2010.) Or are you happy to have the option of getting Season 2’s 10  fall shows on DVD — with some extras, btw — starting  Jan. 25, 2011?

Count me in the latter group, because I’m always stoked to get Glee on DVD or Blu-ray. (Again, no Blu-ray for this partial season release.)

In part my enthusiasm is due to having pristine copies with no commercials to enjoy for eight months (before the full-season set arrives). But it’s also due to the extras provided.

In this case they will be:

GLEE MUSIC JUKEBOX: One of the best features of Season 1’s full-season set, this enables you to zip instantly to your favorite songs and savor the music alone. A menu offers song lists for each episode — even fragments of songs, like Piano Man.

Such a jukebox was NOT provided on last year’s Season 1 Volume 1 set, or even for its 13 episodes on the full-season set–just for spring shows. So it’s great to see it now as an ongoing extra feature.

After all, music is a huge appeal of Glee. And just as you play individual Glee tracks on your iPod or CD player, you can do so on DVD. Keep in mind, though, that these are the broadcast versions, which often are shorter than formally released full studio tracks, and sometimes have overlapping dialogue.

BONUS SONG FROM ROCKY HORROR: I’m thinking this is Carl’s (John Stamos’) version of Sweet Transvestite, which was issued as a studio track but did not appear in the telecast. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s footage to go with it, or simply the audio.

GETTING WAXED WITH JANE LYNCH: This’ll be a featurette on Madame Tussaud’s wax museum creating a likeness of Sue Sylvester. Choosing a costume shouldn’t be hard — just pick the color of a track suit.

THE WIT OF BRITTANY: I’m not sure “wit” is the right word. Perhaps “witlessness”? At any rate, Heather Morris’ character has emerged, big-time, as has Heather. (A Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot anyone? Or Flirt makeup endorsements?)

GLEE AT COMIC-CON 2010: You know the drill. Cast members sit on panels to extol the show for eager fans.

All these extras sound fun-worthy, and I’ll be glad to see them and savor them between Jan. 25 and the inevitable full Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray early next fall. For those who’d rather not, that’s your choice. Just don’t complain about it. No one’s making you buy anything, and some of us are eager to get on with it.

That includes waiting for the Super Bowl post-game show to end Feb. 6. In case you didn’t know, that’s G-Day for Glee’s Season 2 to resume on Fox in a one-time special time slot.

Until then, I wish you all happy Glee holidays and a safe, warm New Year. From the top!


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