MST3K gets individual titles from Shout!: ‘Incredibly Strange’ and ‘Beginning of the End’

One of the reasons — a small one, but a reason — that some films become  mega-blockbusters has always been a titular concern — that is, its name. From Titanic to Avatar, from Jaws to Star Wars, quick, short, snappy titles have worked wonders in the movie marketplace, perhaps in part since they’re so easy to say (“Two for Jaws please”) and to fit on a marquee.

Such was not  the case with perhaps the most long-winded title in cinema history: The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies. And now its title — at least on DVD — getting even longer.

Try this on for size: Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies. Now that’s a mouthful — and the cheesy 1964 horror is coming soon to a DVD player near you, courtesy of a rare release of individual MST titles via Shout! Factory.

Known for its four-disc boxed sets, Shout! on Feb. 15 will release not only Incredibly Strange (well, you know the rest) but also Beginning of the End — a ’50s big bug movie with Peter Graves — in MST editions. Both will be sold via Shout!

Now, I know what you’re saying: Both of these MST titles already have been released on DVD. Yes, but that was by Rhino back in 2006 (for Incredibly) and 2001 (for Beginning). And both are out of print now and cost big bucks from dealers in the trade. (Incredibly, in a four-disc Vol. 9 Collection from Rhino, Incredibly is going for up to $350.)

It’s also unclear so far if either title will sport the type of exciting extras Shout! adds to its boxed set collections.

But hey, we’ve got more MST on DVD. Is that a problem?

Meanwhile, Volume XX in Shout!’s fine sets series looms for unleashing March 8. With a focus on Best Brains’ early years, it will have Project Moonbase from Season One, Master Ninja 1 and 2 from Season Three and Magic Voyage of Sinbad From Season Five — along with lots ‘o extras.

Until then, it’s beginning to look not like the end, but like an incredibly strange and mixed-up title is on its way to home theaters.

Jaws — whodat?


One Response to “MST3K gets individual titles from Shout!: ‘Incredibly Strange’ and ‘Beginning of the End’”

  1. Donnie Pitchford Says:

    “Zombies” (how’s that for a short, snappy title?) has some truly funny riffs and I am happy to see it released in a single-DVD format. The rising prices of the out-of-print Rhino sets is incredible, like the “Incredibly Mixed-Up” status of those “Zombies.”


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