Glee blog review Season 2 Episode 12 ‘Silly Love Songs’: Back in love

Though I hadn’t truly fallen out of love with Glee after the stupid stunt-fest of Sunday’s Super Bowl fiasco, I am back to being utterly smitten now that my favorite show is back where it belongs: creating strong stories with strong characters and strong musical numbers to match.

Silly Love Songs was such an episode, bursting with hope and enthusiasm while also spinning some twisted mirth our way — and even without needing Sue’s presence. Now Glee is back in the groove it carved out with a string of great shows in November and December. Now the idiocies of Sunday’s misfire are over (sorry about that, millions of newcomers), and Glee matters again.

Has anyone noticed that the Dalton Academy Warblers get almost as much love and screen time as many McKinley characters? Not that they don’t deserve it. Of course, the Gap scene was ‘way over the top and was blatant product placement, but then, teens do shop in the Gap, right? Call it TV verite.

And what a superb one-two vocal punch at the end, with Rachel’s fervent lament about her and Finn’s end via Katy Perry’s Firework (a by the book arrangement, yet still nice) and the Warblers’ spirited spin on Paul McCartney’s Silly Love Songs (not Song singular, please note, official Glee music site). With its ambitious and overlapping vocal arrangements, that song almost seems written for Glee, and it worked beautifully for the Warblers’ style of gleedom. What a kick with your breadsticks! (Sheesh, I live in a huge city — Houston — and haven’t been entertained once with spontaneous live singing at a restaurant or clothes store.)

In this almost adult-free episode (no Emma either, and very little Will), the kids also had fun with Artie’s rousing PYT and the Warblers’ When I Get You Alone, though Tina’s emotional breakdown for My Funny Valentine made little if any sense. Tina, get counseling — stat. It’s just a song, and you’ve got a boyfriend and should be happy.

The remaining Valentine’s Day scorecard: It looks like Finn and Quinn will be back in action, just as Puck bizarrely courts Lauren and Kurt and Blaine lean toward togetherness. Meanwhile, Rachel again steels herself with the knowledge that being a star may mean being solitary.

But that’s love — and love can take many forms, including her close camaraderie with Mercedes and Kurt at the Breadsticks finale. You see, there’s always hope — which is a big part of why I love Glee.

So Season 2 is back — and back on track. Thanks, Glee. You’ve reclaimed my heart.


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