Glee Season 2 DVD preview is just a QR code away

Do you want to see a more than two-minute special feature destined for Glee’s complete Season 2 DVD due in September? Of course you do — and you can.

All you need is a QR code app for your smartphone, and a recent newspaper insert for Ritz Crackers, and voila! You’re in business. Or you can text “RITZ” to 30333. Either way, you can view a 2:16 montage of “Sue’s Quips” (really more like savage diatribes, but they are funny). Scored with Glee’s bouncy acapella choir background music, this won’t show up otherwise until the fall’s DVD release. (BTW, the clips aren’t all from Season 2, but that’s OK. They’re Sue.)

The promotion is a sponsorship with Ritz Crackers, which also is staging a contest to meet members of the Glee cast in Los Angeles on the set at Paramount. (Yes, Paramount. Glee may be a Fox show, but it’s shot at the stately studios on 5555 Melrose.) That contest is based at You’re asked to “like” Ritz Crackers to enter.

But enough product placement. Enjoy the two-minute show. And that’s how Bruce sees it.


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