DVD blog review ‘Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son’: Not really

Martin Lawrence’s first two Big Momma movies made me a fan. His third made me feel like I was stood up for a date.

Due Tuesday on Blu-ray and DVD, Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son is not the Big Momma I knew. While it has another case for Lawrence’s FBI guy to tackle by using a female fat-suit disguise, mostly Lawrence yields to Brandon T. Jackson (of the great Tropic Thunder) as his son, who’s also in femme form, having witnessed a killing and needing to hide in plain sight while searching for some evidence.

This doesn’t lead to low-brow comedy of a high order, but rather a tame boy-girl romance and precious little edgy humor.

Some Like It Hot? Try some like it not Not only is Lawrence’s amusing vulgarity placed on the back burner, but the story — set at a staid girls school — bogs down  in a bizarre barrage of songs straight out of High School Musical or (from the same studio as Mommas) Glee.

Say what? I love chirpy, spirited music, too–and Glee is my favorite TV series ever–but it doesn’t fit here. That’s not what Big Momma movies are about — or should be.

You could call this Big Momma Lite, but that characterization flies in the face of the very title and concept. You could more aptly call this a family film compared to the earlier pictures’ ribaldry. Just don’t call it a true Big Momma movie, because it’s not.

I’m still a fan of the first two, and I tried to like this one — which I did, in moments. But if this had been the first Momma in the series, it also would have been the last.


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