Glee Season 2 Blu-ray, DVD due Sept. 13 — let’s anticipate!

This year’s Glee-free summer isn’t nearly as bad as last year’s, given the fact that we have Oxygen’s The Glee Project (what a fine — if overlooked — show!) and the fact that Gleeks already have two big September dates to anticipate.

One is Sept. 20, of course, with Glee’s Season 3 premiere. The other, just announced, is Sept. 13, which brings the Blu-ray and DVD debut of ‘Glee’ The Complete Second Season and the DVD debut of Glee: Season 2 Volume 2 (for those who bought Season 2, Volume 1 already).

The catch in these choices is that the complete season will include extra features not provided for the final 12 episodes of Season 2 on Volume 2. And some of them are:

Guesting on Glee (an ironic choice since executive producer Ryan Murphy vows to have fewer guest stars next season).

Stevie Nicks Goes Glee (well, as long as she doesn’t sing. Love her, but it’s time to retire that voice).

A Day in the Life of Brittany (where we may learn if she now has two cats, including Charity, or only Lord Tubbington — inquiring minds must know!).

Shooting Glee in New York City (doting on that impossible-to-ignore location work which constituted the year’s biggest spoiler — we knew New Directions made Nationals before they did).

Sue’s Quips. (Is that the word, or is it “whips”? Either way, it’s already available via a QR code preview. Read about that here.)

Santana Slams (as in slamming back a drink, slamming a tennis ball, or ripping her classmates to verbal shreds? Methinks the latter).

Building Glee’s Auditorium With Cory Monteith (almost nodded off here — what’s next?).

The Making of the Rocky Horror Glee Show (perhaps explaining how an entire episode of Glee had almost no connection to its songs).

And an “Exclsuive Bonus Song” (don’t mind me–that’s the press release’s spelling of “exclusive”) for Planet, Schmanet.

Actually, this song already is on the Season 2, Volume 2 DVD, as is The Making of the Rocky Horror Glee Show, so maybe “exclusive” isn’t the word, no matter how you spell it. Also from that earlier release, and offered on the complete-season set, are Getting Waxed With Jane Lynch, The Wit of Brittany and Glee at Comic-Con 2010. You can catch my review of all those extras here.

Sounds like plenty for our rapt (in Rocky Horror’s Dr. Frank-speak) antici . . . PATION.

Come on, September. We’re ready now!


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