Glee Season 3 song predictions: People who need mamas

I just have to go on record about this, since I have such a strong feeling about it. I think I know two songs which Glee will feature in its upcoming Season 3, both to be sung by Rachel Berry/Lea Michele. And here they are:

People — the Barbra Streisand monster hit. Lea sang it once briefly while appearing on The View, yet she hasn’t done this signature song on Glee. I believe they’ve been working up to that with Don’t Rain on My Parade, My Man, Papa Can You Hear Me and even O Holy Night. But People — that’s the biggie.  It’s also from Funny Girl, and Lea is so in-your-face about that show, so it’s got to be coming — got to be.

Mama Who Bore Me — the gorgeous, fervent song Lea sang in Spring Awakenings. So far she’s done On My Own from Les Miz, her first Broadway show, but nothing from Spring Awakenings, her last one, and the one that launched her to Glee, in a way. And this would fit Rachel’s storyline with mom Shelby Corcoran, played by Idina Menzel, who’s supposed to be back in Glee — big-time — this year.

There. I could be wrong, but I think I’m right. And if I am, I will kindly direct you to this Aug. 24, 2011 blog post making my bold predictions.

Until then, from the top!


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