Fearless ‘Glee’ school musical prediction: ‘The Sound of Music’

OK, as long as I’m being The Great Criswell (“I predict!”) from Ed Wood and forecasting Rachel’s songs for Season 3, I must add this: With our favorite McKinley coed set to star in an as-yet-unnamed school musical this year, what could that Broadway show be?

I’ll tell you what it should be — and perhaps what it will be — because it makes so much sense. And I’ll say so right now, on Saturday, Aug. 27. And I could be wrong.

But here it is:

The Sound of Music.

Think of it: Rachel as Maria. She’d be almost as much of a nanny know-it all as Mary Poppins. And she’d be more “gotta sing” than either.  It amuses and enthralls in so many ways. And how fun would our beloved McKinley Jewish princess look in a habit?

Think of it: Kurt also could play a role. Heck, he got his name from The Sound of Music, and he’s visually a Von Trapp rugrat  —  which helped Chris Colfer get the job, as I recall.

Think of it: Lea Michele already has sung My Favorite Things for a lengthy Dove online ad. And it sounded great. That girl has a voice of gold and can hit the notes — ALL the notes.

Think of it: Bossy Rachel could lead singing lessons with Do Re Me. She’d diva-it-up and be annoying yet amusingly earnest. (Michele deserves more props for her self-effacing comic acting.)

Think of it: Julie Andrews could be a guest star. But as herself, not as Kurt’s grandmother, as Colfer has wished. Hey, Josh Groban and Olivia Newton-John have played themselves on the show.

Think of it: Edelweiss. Are you crying yet?

Think of it: Glee could achieve what it failed to do with its sketchy and skin-deep Rocky Horror tribute. It could get into a show’s story and characters, perhaps stretching the Austrian saga over several weeks.

Think of it: Glee Project co-winner Damian could play a role. He’s rosy-cheeked too.

And if you think I’m wrong and you’ve out-Foxed me, think of this: Which studio produced The Sound of Music? And which studio produces Glee?

So there it is. I rest my case.

That’s not to say I’m as confident as I am with my predictions that Rachel will sing People and Mama Who Bore Me this year, but I do think The Sound of Music is sheer perfection for Glee. And I hope it does happen. It’d be like a weekly “Sing Along Sound of Music” show for the tube. McKinley’s halls — and our homes — would be alive with the sound of it!

Anyway, let’s hope. And now, let’s see . . .


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