Melissa & Joey: Season 1, Part 2 on DVD Tuesday

With recent news that women have just 1% of the world’s wealth despite being almost half of its work force, there should be rioting in the streets. But at least there’s a show such as Melissa & Joey, which demonstrates that earning ability and domestic ability are not exclusive to one sex or the other.

Instead, in these final 18 episodes of the ABC Family series’ first season, we find Mel (family-friendly Melissa Joan Hart) still involved in politics outside of the house while Joey (nice guy Joey Lawrence) manages the household as nanny for her adopted niece and nephew. The two-disc set will be available Tuesday from Shout! Factory.

Melissa & Joey is good clean fun from two alums of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, a show that’s become increasingly more tawdry. (Would either Hart or Lawrence still do it?) And don’t worry about the two leads hooking up. If this show continues, that may happen eventually, but it’s nowhere near the front burner now. Instead, they’re all about good-natured combativeness.

Hart is a bit overbearing, but if you enjoyed Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom, you should enjoy Lawrence’s “manny” (for male nanny) in this.

And turning the tables, as noted, is indeed needed in this imbalanced world. Well done!


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