Glee Episode 4 ‘Pot o’ Gold’ songs? ‘Waiting’ is ‘Not Easy’

OK, we’re all about to hit the wall of Glee withdrawal. Tomorrow’s Tuesday, and after three uneven but overall great shows, we won’t be able to lurk or lounge in McKinley High. So we must look forward — to the future — where you and I will live the rest of our lives. (And for anyone who caught that Ed Wood reference, give yourself a gold star.)

For Glee, such a future begins with Episode 4, ‘Pot o’ Gold,’ and from what I hear, it’ll be another tune-heavy show, following the six songs sung on Episode 3 ‘Asian F’ (not counting Sugar Motta and Shelby stabbing at I Am a Shining Star, which would make seven). And now, here they are:

Waiting for a Girl Like You — The Foreigner chestnut, with a lovely synth riff played by Thomas Dolby in the original. I’m expecting a dramatically different arrangement on Glee.

It’s Not Easy Being Green — And it’s not easy loving Sesame Street, at least for me. But I did enjoy its recent tribute to Glee and the letter G, reworking Don’t Stop Believing. As for this ode to Kermit the Frog, I bet it’ll be bent to the purpose of targeting new exchange student Rory (Damian McGinty), whom Brittany thinks is a leprechaun.

Take Care of Yourself — A tune from Brit band Level 42, to be sung by Rory. Not on my iPod.

Last Friday Night (TGIF) — You know this already, via the November preview. Love Katy Perry. Love Glee’s renditions. Bound to love this one. Besides, the song already is rooted in Glee, via cast members performing in Perry’s elaborate music video for it. And I love Friday songs. Friday on My Mind, anyone?

Candyman — I suppose this is the Sammy Davis Jr. trifle, which seems innocent, until you think about the horror film of the same name, and the drug reference it could entail, and — well, I’ll stop there. Let’s hope it stays innocent.

Oops — it’s not related to any of these. It’s Christina Aguilera’s ripoff — er, tribute — to the Andrews Sisters’ girl group sound of the 1940s. And it’s available now online at Broadway World, as is Glee’s spin on Last Friday Night.

Thanks, Fox! We needed a lift in the first of our three weeks without Glee and instead rain-delayed, interminable baseball.

So there — you have five songs to look forward to, and can play their originals right now to get psyched, as well as Glee’s new versions of Last Friday Night and Candyman.

Still, waiting till Nov. 1 for a show like Glee won’t be easy. Courage!



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