300 Glee songs list overlooks many numbers, adds mystery tunes

OK, you’ve heard that the Glee cast just recorded the last of the show’s first 300 Glee songs, and you’re probably wondering what they are. After all, some haven’t aired yet, so the bottom of the list is bound to be a reveal. And I’ll leave that for you to check out at the end of this post.

Yes, there’s a full list, which Fox released to commemorate the event. I’ll paste it below. But first, some observations:

These aren’t 300 different songs. Listed twice is Tonight, which Tina sang for a full minute though not in its entirety in Season 1. Since it’s also near the end of the list, it’s presumably done as a full-bore number for the upcoming West Side Story. Also listed twice is You’re the One That I Want, which Rachel sang with — or for — Finn in glee club and again behind closed doors. Also, Don’t Stop Believin’ is listed four times, albeit once amid a medley. (Remember? Even Quinn briefly sang the female lead once.)

Also, small fragments do count, which is why such snippets as Where Is Love?, Only Child, My Headband, Trouty Mouth, The Climb, My Cup and even Chopsticks (no vocal) and Fondue for Two are included. But All By Myself is listed once, though it’s been performed twice. And where’s Cabaret, which Rachel sang briefly for a bullying Sandy? Or I Am A Shining Star, the vocal exercise sung by Shelby and Sugar early this season?

Also, apparently it counts when another artist performs the original via a recording, as with Beyonce’s Single Ladies. I know the cast danced to it, but wasn’t that Beyonce’s recording, both in Kurt’s basement and on the football field? Then again, not listed is Madonna’s Ray of Light, which had an extensive original audio performance while the Cheerios practiced. Huh?

Also, it seems the song doesn’t have to have been on Glee. Since the core cast performed The Star Spangled Banner live at the 2009 World Series, that counted for this list. Well, it was on Fox.

Also, a song recorded by the cast but not used on the show can be included. Take  Hello 12, Hello 13, Hello Love, featuring Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele. It’s on the list. But Burning Up, also with Groff, isn’t on the list. And neither is a superb Don’t Make me Over sung by Mercedes (and heard instrumentally, briefly). Nor are some songs from the first Christmas album. Nor is Fashion. Nor are Do You Think I’m Sexy? and What Kind of Fool from the Warblers’ album.

Again, huh? Who compiled this list, anyway?

Other tracks may have made-up names for incidental moments. One song entry I don’t recall, apparently from the first season is, I Saw Red. Anyone have a clue? Another is Fergalicious. Say what? And I don’t recall hearing The Impossible Dream, though it’s a well known song. Also, what’s Jimmy Original?

And Best That You Can Do? Bridal Chorus? It’s 10 a.m. and I’m Drunk? Nice to Meet You? Pain? I’ve seen every Glee episode, but ya got me. Maybe some of these are titles given to brief instrumental bits.

Too, I didn’t realize Glee had done Big Spender before Sugar Motta butchered it this season. Oh well.

Another inconsistency: If they’re gonna count Baby at Bat Mitzvah as a separate song, why not count the music when Sam was briefly heard singing Baby slowly and sadly offscreen when he broke up with Quinn in an entirely different version? Hmmmm? (In fact, that would have been worth a full-length track — it sounded nice.)

And where’s What a Girl Wants and When You’re Smiling, both of which Rachel sang briefly but quite clearly. Come on!

Want more? Where are See the USA in Your Chevrolet from the cast’s Chevy ad and Still Got Tonight, a lengthy number performed by Will in Season 2’s finale? What qualifies Chopsticks but doesn’t qualify them?

In short, they call this long list a complete list? Puh-leaze.

Anyway, here’s the list. But keep in mind the mistakes (it should be Every Rose Has Its Thorn and Dog Days Are Over) and omissions on this confounding list aren’t mine:

1. Respect
2. Where Is Love?
3. Mr. Cellophane
4. I Kissed A Girl
5. On My Own
6. Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat
7. You’re The One That I Want
8. Leaving On A Jet Plane
9. Can’t Fight This Feeling
10. Rehab
11. Don’t Stop Believin’
12. Le Freak
13. Gold Digger
14. Push It
15. I Say A Little Prayer
16. Take A Bow
17. This Is How We Do It
18. For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow
19. Poison
20. Mercy
21. La Camisa Negra
22. Bust Your Windows
23. I Wanna Sex You Up
24. Single Ladies
25. Taking Chances
26. Tonight
27. Star Spangled Banner
28. Maybe This Time
29. Don’t Stop Believin’
30. Alone
31. Last Name
32. Somebody to Love
33. Mash-up: It’s My Life – Confessions
34. Mash-up: Halo – Walking on Sunshine
35. Hate On Me
36. No Air
37. Ride Wit Me
38. You Keep Me Hangin’ On
39. Keep Holding On
40. Bust A Move
41. Thong Song
42. Sweet Caroline
43. I Could Have Danced All Night
44. Dancing With Myself
45. Defying Gravity
46. Proud Mary
47. Endless Love
48. I’ll Stand By You
49. Mash-up: Young Girl – Don’t Stand So Close To Me
50. I Saw Red
51. Crush
52. Having My Baby
53. Lean On Me
54. Bootylicious
55. Papa Don’t Preach
56. You’re The One That I Want
57. Mash-up: Crazy In Love – Hair
58. Imagine
59. True Colors
60. Jump
61. Smile
62. Smile
63. And I Am Telling You
64. Proud Mary
65. Don’t Stop Believin’
66. Don’t Rain On My Parade
67. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
68. My Life Would Suck Without You
69. Hello, I Love You
70. Gives You Hell
71. Hello
72. Hello 12, Hello 13, Hello Love
73. Highway To Hell
74. Hello, Goodbye
75. Express Yourself
76. Mash-up: Borderline – Open Your Heart
77. Vogue
78. Like A Virgin
79. 4 Minutes
80. What It Feels Like For A Girl
81. Like A Prayer
82. Fergalicious
83. Fire
84. Mash-up: A House Is Not A Home – One Less Bell
85. House Is Not A Home
86. Beautiful
87. Home
88. Ice Ice Baby
89. Run Joey Run
90. U Can’t Touch This
91. Physical
92. Total Eclipse Of The Heart
93. The Climb
94. Jessie’s Girl
95. Lady Is A Tramp
96. Pink Houses
97. The Boy Is Mine
98. Rose’s Turn
99. One
100. The Impossible Dream
101. Daydream Believer
102. Jimmy Original
103. Piano Man
104. Big Spender
105. Dream On
106. Safety Dance
107. I Dreamed A Dream
108. Dream A Little Dream
109. Another One Bites The Dust
110. Tell Me Something Good
111. Loser
112. It’s A Man’s World
113. Good Vibrations
114. Give Up The Funk
115. Funny Girl
116. Bad Romance
117. Shout It Out Loud
118. Pokerface
119. Beth
120. Magic/You Raise Me Up
121. Faithfully/Anyway You Want to/Loving Touching/Don’t Stop Believing
122. Bohemian Rhapsody
123. To Sir with Love
124. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
125. Empire State Of Mind
126. Every Rose Has It’s Thorn
127. Getting To Know You
128. Billionaire
129. Telephone
130. Listen
131. What I Did For Love
132. I’m A Slave For You
133. Best That You Can Do
134. Me Against The Music
135. Hit Me Baby One More Time
136. Stronger
137. Toxic
138. The Only Exception
139. Only The Good Die Young
140. I Look To You
141. Papa Can You Hear Me
142. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
143. Losing My Religion
144. Bridge Over Troubled Water
145. One of Us
146. Lucky
147. River Deep, Mountain High
148. Sing
149. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
150. Le Jazz Hot
151. Get Happy/Happy Days
152. Born Again
153. Science Fiction/Double Feature
154. Over At The Frankenstein House
155. Dammit Janet
156. Saturday Night
157. There’s A Light
158. The Time Warp
159. Sweet Transvestite
160. Toucha, Toucha, Touch Me
161. One Love
162. Teenage Dream
163. Living On A Prayer/Start Me Up
164. Stop In The Name Of Love / Free Your Mind
165. Forget You
166. Make ‘Em Laugh
167. Nowadays
168. Singing In The Rain/Umbrella
169. And All That Jazz
170. Conjunction Junction
171. Ohio
172. Marry You
173. Dance Rehearsal
174. Bridal Chorus
175. Sway
176. Just The Way You Are
177. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
178. The Living Years
179. Hey Soul Sister
180. Time Of My Life
181. Valerie
182. Dog Days Are Gone
183. The Most Wonderful Day of the Year
184. We Need a Little Christmas
185. Merry Christmas Darling
186. Baby It’s Cold Outside
187. You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch
188. Last Christmas
189. Welcome Christmas
190. Need You Now
191. Zombie Dance Lesson
192. She’s Not There
193. Bills, Bills, Bills
194. Thriller/Heads Will Roll
195. Fat Bottomed Girls
196. Pretty Young Thing
197. When I Get You Alome
198. My Funny Valentine
199. Firework
200. Silly Love Songs
201. Baby
202. Baby at Bat Mitzvah
203. Somebody To Love
204. Take Me or Leave Me
205. This Little Light of Mine
206. I Know What Boys Like
207. Sing
208. Blame It on The Alcohol
209. My Headband
210. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
211. Tick Tock
212. Don’t You Want Me
213. Do You Want To Touch Me
214. Animal
215. Kiss
216. Landslide
217. Afternoon Delight
218. Misery
219. Only Child
220. Blackbird
221. Back In My Arms
222. Trouty Mouth
223. Big Ass Heart
224. Hell To The No
225. Jesus Is A Friend of Mine
226. Candles
227. Raise Your Glass
228. Get It Right
229. Loser Like Me
230. One Night In Bangkok
231. All By Myself
232. I Follow Rivers
233. Turning Tables
234. Ain’t No Way
235. Unpretty/I Feel Pretty
236. Loser Like Me
237. I Gotta Be Me
238. Somewhere Only We Know
239. Born This Way
240. Fondue For Two
241. It’s 10 AM and I’m Drunk
242. Dreams
243. Nice To Meet You, Have I Slept With You?
244. Don’t Stop
245. Go Your Own Way
246. I Don’t Want To Know
247. Never Going Back
248. Songbird
249. Rolling In The Deep
250. Isn’t She Lovely
251. Friday
252. Jar of Hearts
253. Not Going To Teach Your Boyfriend
254. Dancing Queen
255. Back To Black
256. Some People
257. Try A Little Tenderness
258. My Man
259. Pure Imagination
260. I Love New York / New York, New York
261. For Good
262. Bella Notte
263. As Long As You Are There
264. Pretending
265. Light Up The World
266. Pain
267. My Cup
268. Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do
269. Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead
270. It’s Not Unusual
271. We Got The Beat
272. You Can’t Stop The Beat
273. Chopsticks
274. Big Spender
275. Somewhere There’s A Place For Us
276. I’m The Greatest Star
277. Booty Camp
278. Something’s Coming
279. Spotlight
280. Run The World
281. Cool
282. It’s All Over
283. Out Here On My Own
284. Fix You
285. Being Green
286. Last Friday Night
287. Candy Man
288. Waiting For A Girl Like You
289. Take Care Of Yourself
290. Tonight
291. Uptown Girl
292. A Boy Like That
293. America
294. One Hand, One Heart
295. Hot For Teacher
296. You and I/You and I
297. Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way Or Another
298. Oklahoma!
299. Hall and Oats Mash-Up
300. Mash-up: Rumor Has It – Someone Like You

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