Titles revealed for Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXIII DVD box set

Are you ready for an MST3K stab at Christopher Lee? A rare western? Quinn Martin’s TV schlock? Cheap sci-fi effects?

If so, you should be ready for Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXIII, the next DVD box set from Shout! Factory.

When released on March 27, 2012, it will feature another four MST3K episodes being offered on DVD for the first time: The Castle of Fu Manchu (with Lee), Last of the Wild Horses (the western), Code Name: Diamond Head (from Quinn Martin) and King Dinosaur (the ’50s sci-fi cheapie).

Perhaps just as importantly, extras galore are in store.

They’ll include a featurette called The Incredible Mr. Lippert, concerning schlock producer Robert L. Lippert, who worked with King Dinosaur’s Bert I. Gordon and left his imprint on such films as Curse of the Fly and The Last Man On Earth (based on Richard Matheson’s chilling book I Am Legend, and later filmed again as The Omega Man and as I Am Legend).

BTW, the featurette’s title is a nod to The Incredible Mr. Limpet, a 1964 comedy with Don Knotts.

Fu Manchu will have the theatrical trailer, a new intro by Frank Coniff and a look at the video game Darkstar featuring some MST3K performers. Diamond Head will add the featurette Code Name: Quinn Martin and the first segment of a series to be called Life After MST3K, showing what cast members have done since the show ceased production in 1999. Finally, Wild Horses will add vintage promos from MST3K.

Those oodles of new extras sound enticing enough in themselves. So mark the date, and be prepared for merry movie mocking at its best.

MST3K lives!

— Bruce Westbrook



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