‘Glee: The Complete Third Season’ Blu-ray, DVD due Aug. 14

For the first time in Glee’s three seasons, there will be just one seasonal Blu-ray/DVD, when Glee: The Complete Third Season arrives Aug. 14. Midway through the first two seasons, Fox issued preliminary DVDs of those seasons to date. This time, we’ll wait for the entire season’s 22 episodes on one release.

The big news, of course, is extra features, of which this title boasts many. They’ll again include a Glee Music Jukebox, which to me is one of the most beneficial elements on a Glee home video, enabling you to access songs only. Of course, these aren’t the full-length studio recordings but sometimes tightened telecast versions, but they are the best thing about the series: the music.

Also promised is the unused footage for Glee’ s Third Season Christmas episode of Santana in a jewelry store channeling Marilyn Monroe among a bevy of subservient salesmen for Santa Baby (which you may have seen already online).

Other features will be “Glee Under the Stars,” presumably a chronicle of an outdoor sing-along event at Santa Monica High School late last summer; “Glee Give a Note,” which raised $1 million in donations from Fox and others for high school music programs; and the self-explanatory “More of Sue’s Quips,” presumably a montage of the churlish cheerleader coach’s acerbic one-liners.

And on tap are “Sue Addresses Her Fans,” “Welcome to the Class” and “Making the Finale,” the last of which should be a real tear-jerker, given Fox’s previous “Behind the Glee” segment on the event online.

The set will be issued separately on DVD (six discs) and Blu-ray (four discs).

— Bruce Westbrook



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