DVD Review: Kathy Griffin: Red, White & Raw

If you enjoy — as I do — good twisted humor, then saddle up or settle in for Kathy Griffin: Red, White & Raw, featuring a whopping seven of Griffin’s stand-up comedy concert specials, including five never before released on DVD.

Due Oct. 30 from Shout! Factory, the two discs running over four hours include these specials new to DVD: “Gurrl Down,” “50 & Not Pregnant,” “Whores on Crutches,” “Kathy Griffin Does the Bible Belt” and “Balls of Steel.” Also on the discs are “Pants Off” and “Tired Hooker,” which also are available as a separate release.

As those titles indicate, this is the usual cultured, tasteful, delicate material for which Griffin is known. Right. In truth, the crudely creative humor is uncensored — and includes some bonus footage from her shows that aired on Bravo.

You can catch a sample from the Bible Belt show  — with a fun mockery of Oprah — in this clip Shout! has placed you YouTube.

Hey, it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. And for this type of humor, Griffin does it as well as anyone.

— Bruce Westbrook



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