Blu-Ray/DVD Review ‘Magic Mike’ and Matthew McConaughey: Match Made in — heathenism?

I must admit: As a former University of Texas boy, I enjoy seeing another fellow alum, Matthew McConaughey, show his Longhorn spirit on screen.

I don’t mean when he’s domesticated for romantic comedies like The Wedding Planner or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Matthew, after all, didn’t go to Baylor. I mean when he’s a life-loving, boisterous, cocky, roguish scoundrel as in Dazed and Confused, Tropic Thunder and now Magic Mike, new on Blu-ray and DVD from Warner Bros.

As the owner of a male strip club in Florida, Matthew’s “Dallas” is the kind of guy that extends naturally from his own Austin persona. You know — playing bongo drums naked while enjoying a smoke, if you know what I mean. But he’s also a savvy businessman at heart who gets the job done, from showing his newbie “dancers” the ropes to making sure he makes as much profit as possible from the “ladies” who frequent his club.

Women flock to Magic Mike for the male beefcake on parade — especially Channing Tatum’s gyrating gymnastics on the dance stage. Critics also praise it for the surprisingly full-bodied story and adroit presentation. (The naturalism of the acting is what struck me.)

But I’ve enjoyed Magic Mike most for good ol’ Matthew, who was born to play this sort of role — or at least who’s been suited to it since he spent his formative young adulthood at that glorious campus on Guadalupe in Texas’ capital city.

Great job, Matthew! And great movie, too, when you get down to it. Guys, if you’ve resisted this, go ahead and indulge your girlfriend or wife and watch with them. Don’t worry — you’ll find plenty to enjoy independently of the male dancing.

And besides, when it comes to that, you might learn something.

— Bruce Westbrook


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