‘Glee’ to get two-season renewal? I told you so

Glee Sadie HawkinsLately the Web has been buzzing with hints that Fox soon may renew Glee not only for Season 5, but also for Season 6. Considering the show’s hordes of haters and steady predictions of doom, that’s been a big surprise for many relieved Glee fans.

But it shouldn’t have been — at least, not if they’d read my blog post of Sept. 8, 2012.

That’s when I patiently explained the many reasons why Glee, despite slipping in the ratings and in its critical-darling status since its first season, was safe. I explained why Glee is a major money-maker for Fox, and why it was likely the show would be renewed for Season 5 and beyond. (Don’t forget Fox renewed the show simultaneously for two seasons back in Season 1).

You can check out that blog post at the above link, or you can simply take the word of a guy who’s spent most of his career covering entertainment professionally for major daily newspapers.

Either way, it’s good to know that what dictates whether shows live or die often isn’t gutlessness or mere bias but is largely the grounded pragmatism of business decisions based on the bottom line. That’s why it’s called show “business.” And Glee is good business. So Glee gets to live to sing another day.

Besides, I’d venture that Glee is getting even better — which isn’t always the case with long-running shows.

I’ve loyally watched great series over the years which eventually wore out their welcome and turned me off as they limped to a conclusion. Frasier is one. Lost is another. But by expanding its horizons with New York-set shows and adding strong new cast members, Glee has freshened its approach and pressed boldly into the future. Thus, business aside, it deserves to live on.

So while we await Glee’s Jan. 24 return after a six-week hiatus, relax. Take heart. And savor the sustained success of a series which has done more for music than any scripted show in the history of the medium.

Season 7, anyone?

— Bruce Westbrook


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