MST3K XXVII DVD Lineup: Attack of the Deadly Slime Giants

villageofgiants6You heard it here first — I hope: Shout! Factory has announced the lineup for the DVD set Mystery Science Theater 3000 XXVII, due July 23. And it is:

Rocket Attack USA,  The Deadly Mantis, The Slime People and Village of the Giants (above).

Each will be new to DVD.

Bonus features will include Chasing Rosebud: The Cinematic Life Of William Alland. That producer for Universal creature features also was touched upon in the latest boxed set regarding The Mole People, and here it’s for The Deadly Mantis.

Other extras will be an interview with Joy Harmon of Village of the Giants (what–no Ron Howard or Beau Bridges?); an interview with Judith Fraser of The Slime People; an intro by Mary Jo Pehl; theatrical trailers; and — get ready — Life After MST3K: Trace Beaulieu.

Also in the mix — at least, for those who order directly from Shout! — is an extra disc called The MST3K Serial Variety Pack Bonus Disc. It will collect riffed installments of General Hospital (just in time for its 50th anniversary!), The Phantom Creeps and Undersea Kingdom. To pre-order, go to this site.



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