Glee Recap/Review Season 5 Episode 5 ‘The End of Twerk’: Party Poopers


Being the sensitive, after-school-special show Glee often is, perhaps it was inevitable that Ryan Murphy would indulge in an episode on potty training — or where you go to potty.

But at the risk of insensitivity, I must say the world doesn’t revolve around young men who wish they were women and want to use the girls’ restroom. Sorry, Unique. I don’t want to go there. Poop somewhere that makes you feel good and work it out. (Ever hear of stalls in men’s rooms?) I just don’t want to hear about it.

Nope, I have better things to do, like focus on the budding careers of college students in the Big Apple, students who don’t cavort on playground equipment or wear silly Stone Age costumes on a bad Gilligan’s Island set. Students who have lives.

That’s right, I’ve given up on Lima. The flimsy plots, the infantalization of high schoolers and the trivial nonsense of their obsessions of the week — twerking or otherwise — have lost me. So has the lousy “romance” of Jake and Marley, the recycling of Cheeerio head bitches and Sue’s mindless renewal of hateful glee club hostilities, as we witnessed yet again in Episode 5, The End of Twerk.

Yes, I’m ready for Glee to go full-bore New York — which I hear it might do. And if so, it can’t come soon enough for me.

Give me Rachel, Kurt, Santana, Dani, Starchild, NYADA, Broadway and a blithe unconcern with pooping in which potty. Give me Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Naya Rivera, Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert. Give me gritty urban life with tattoos, professional aspirations, crazed dancing to Let’s Have a Kiki in loft apartments, and actual location shooting from time to time.

Yes, give me Gotham — where the best glee clubbers should wind up. Just don’t give me sermons about where to poop.

— Bruce Westbrook

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